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As far as possible J E Collett is committed to conducting its business in such a manner as to protect the environment and health of its employees.

In order to achieve this we will:

  • Ensure to the best of our ability that all materials are used and applied in an environmentally friendly manner according to manufacturers’ speci cations;
  • Provide all employees with appropriate training in the safe handling and application of materials;
  • Dispose of all waste according to regulatory laws and regulations in a responsible manner;
  • Induct all new employees in Government regulations and company procedures regarding the use and disposal of waste;
  • Investigate all incidents of misuse and inappropriate disposal of waste that does not comply with statutory or company requirements, and implement preventative measures to minimise the risk of recurrence;
  • Comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations;
  • Conduct an environmental programme to ensure adherence to company and regulatory requirements;
  • Involve and consult employees, Government authorities, regulatory bodies and customers to identify improved waste disposal.

JE Collett Builders LTD